We know what it’s like to read glowing reviews and see pictures of an establishment only to arrive and find out the reviews and photos don’t match up.


How frustrating is that?! 


The research team at Official Best Of America has been doing extensive travel research for the past twelve years with the mission of showing our followers and viewers the best experiences across America. We have worked hard to become the largest TV travel award show in America. 


Spending thousands of research hours consulting with experts, reading articles and reviews plus watching countless videos is what it takes to bring you the best.  Our TV show episodes are consistently rated #1 in markets all across the country. After all, who doesn't want to see what's best?

New for 2020, not only will we continue to show you what's best in America, but we'll be showing you features from other countries! Yes, our fearless production crew will be traveling to new lands far away - and not so far away - to film some of the best destinations from around the globe.

Let us know where some of your favorite places are and why you think they are the best. We love hearing from others that are passionate about great experiences- just like we are!

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